Starlings Masterclass

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Roosting Starlings

March 2010 |

Every so often I come across a photo opportunity when speed is of the essence. And so it was as I was making a short cut homewards down a narrow lane near Temple Sowerby. It followed an unproductive afternoon but,...

Rain and Snow

February 2010 |

Well, our home made Christmas card (Image 2) worked a treat! Using the self-timer it was a photo of us in pouring rain standing at the end of a flooded jetty at Glenridding on Ullswater, with an airborne blown-out umbrella, taken...

Kirkandrews on Esk

January 2010 |

There are certain places in Cumbria which possess a tingle factor. I’m not just talking about breathtakingly beautiful Lake District places such as Derwentwater and Wastwater, but also the smaller and obscure spots. One that excites me is...

Bonfire Night

December 2009 |

The deadline for my Masterclass happened to fall on Bonfire Night. However, my best-laid plans for the day – to photograph the gathering of sheep that day from the Pennines - fell through. Instead of the sight of great flocks...

Autumn Colour

November 2009 |

The very end of October, my deadline for this month’s Masterclass – is, I reckon the key time for autumn colour, and I’ll always try to find time to get to one of my favourite &lsquo...


October 2009 |

In my early years of photography a major eye-opener (literally!) was the discovery of long exposures. In those days I used gorgeously rich low speed Fuji Velvia 50 film and generally wanted lots of depth of field, so most of my...

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