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Rain and Snow

February 2010 |

Well, our home made Christmas card (Image 2) worked a treat! Using the self-timer it was a photo of us in pouring rain standing at the end of a flooded jetty at Glenridding on Ullswater, with an airborne blown-out umbrella, taken a few days after the main floods. The message was heeded! A couple of snowy days following that plea would have been a treat, but to have three weeks of snowy conditions (at the time of writing) is indeed a photographer’s dream.

So complacent have I become with photographing days of amazing beauty that I decided to try a night challenge too. And so began my brief affair with Mrs Moon which lasted three nights. Intense cold could be ignored in the face of such intense beauty. This was, after all, true love!

Brotherswater, taken just a little before midnight, with the snow covered mountains lit by the full moon (Image 1). The lights of the Brotherswater Inn are reflected across the lake; Orion’s Belt and sword are clearly visible in the sky. I used my Nikon D300 on a tripod, and used ISO 250, f-stop 4, and aperture priority. I focused manually – autofocus tends not to work too well in the dark! The long exposure times I needed that night (15secs in this instance) allowed me time to jog up and down to keep warm